Grow Your Home Care Agency With Live In Services

Grow your Home Care Agency with Live In Services Inquires on how to grow your home care agency with Live In Services come in each and every week. Questions whether it's a service that's easy to provide and how to get started. Today we'll discuss major points of consideration in your decision of whether or not to offer live in … [Read more...]

Meet and Exceed Needs of Clients Living with Alzheimer’s Dementia


Want to Meet and Exceed Needs of Clients Living with Alzheimer’s Dementia ? ~ By Monica Heltemes, OTR/L Occupational Therapist and Owner of MindStart If you are in the business of providing home care, you better be in the business of meeting the needs of people living with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. A study of older … [Read more...]

Home Care Business Insurance

Home Care Insurance

As you get your home care business started one critical step includes procuring home care business insurance coverage to protect your company and it's assets.  Cutting corners on insurance could place you in an unwanted legal battle against a client, family member, caregiver, your State or the IRS.  This is not where you want to be at any point in … [Read more...]

How To Add Value To Your Home Care Services


How DO YOU differentiate your home care agency from the others?  There are a number of ways, each of which can be a separate article. Today we'll discuss how to add value to your home care services by focusing on the niche of Dementia and Alzheimer's care. The Home Care industry has been growing steadily for the past decade.  Never before has … [Read more...]

Best Home Care Software Is In The Cloud


Today we discuss how using web based, cloud technology with home care back office software can dramatically transform your home care agency while seriously differentiating your home care services from all the other "we provide excellent care too" agencies you're competing against.  As far as back office software is concerned, the best home care … [Read more...]

Home Care Franchise, Membership Network or Independent Agency?

Franchise, Membership or Independent Post

Home care franchise, membership network or independent agency? Should I choose a home care franchise, membership network or be an independent agency as the business model for my company? This question comes up often as I consult with clients seeking to start a home care agency. Answer: It depends. Today let's discuss what it depends on to … [Read more...]

Costs To Start A Home Care Business


One of the most popular questions when talking with prospective home care agency owners is "how much are the costs to start a home care business?" Today we'll discuss the variables and costs to start a home care business. By the end, hopefully you'll have a clear idea of the funds you'll need to get started. It's no secret the elder care … [Read more...]

Addressing Caregiver Theft In The Home


The service of home care requires a tremendous amount of trust. It begins with the client trusting your agency will perform care services as represented at the assessment when they sign contract.  Trust is extended from owners, that each employee employed on the team (following a completed background check) is as upstanding, reliable and honest as … [Read more...]

Verify Nurses Aide Licenses and Abuse Registries by State


Part of each background check for caregivers should include verification of licensing status. This includes Certified Nurses Aides / CNAs. For your convenience, the following is a list of the Nurses Aides Registries in each of the 50 states, alphabetically. By clicking on "Online NAR" link listed under each respective state you will be taken to the … [Read more...]

Should You Use Online Referral Sources?

Doctor Referrals

Ongoing marketing efforts for home care agencies are typically aimed at finding excellent referral sources then cultivating those sources into long term relationships.  The best sources for local referrals are often in your own service area's backyard/region:  doctors, long term care insurance agents, discharge planners, social workers to hospitals … [Read more...]


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