7 Services To Add & Grow Your Home Care Agency

Most in home care agencies offer the same set of basic services: caregivers helping with tasks in client homes like light housekeeping, laundry, bathing and grooming assistance, incidental transportation  are the most common.  It’s as important to provide these core services  as a grocery store carries milk, eggs , flour and sugar.

To grow your business  and to separate your agency from the fray of home care competitors requires finding and meeting the needs beyond the core services every other agency already offers. You must provide additional services that complement the care services and products  to help to differentiate  your company and stand out.   Doing so will generate more sales by offering different solutions to an expanding base of customers you may not otherwise had, putting your foot in the door or expanding existing sales to existing clientele.

It wasn’t that many years ago when family members called asking if we would just ‘check in’ on Dad or Mom. At that time we held 3-hour minimum visit requirements, so if we were there for 30 minutes the client was still charged for 3 hours.  That wasn’t cost effective or attractive to our clients.  So we looked at ways  to solve family’s need of checking on Mom or Dad’s safety, while making it cost effective for both them and us providing the service.  New doors of service were opened by looking around for solutions to this recurring need. By solving this problem, we were of the few who provided short visit private-pay service and got more work. Down the road additional services were provided by us as they progressed to those increased needs. We were there from the start, when they needed us.

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