Why Home Care Agencies Should Use The Cloud

Allow me to ask a question which could change your paradigm of not just how you approach your data network but how your home care business provides it’s services and operates on a daily basis:

As a home care service provider, most of your services are provided out in the field, away from the office.
Doesn’t it make sense to have access to and input client data where clients are, in real time?

If you’re like most operating in home care agencies, your computer network is
working just fine. Most small and medium HHA agencies today are still working on local area networks (LANs) or wide area networks (WANs), proven infrastructures that dates back to the early 90’s. Setting up your network probably came at a significant investment considering all the servers, computer clients, MS Office, accounting, scheduling, payroll and various other productivity software and more. Your staff is proficient with the systems and it’s been working just fine within the systems you’ve created to operate the business.

With the dated LAN/WAN network setup, software applications and data remains in the office you have limited access to the applications and data outside the office. Sure, you may log in using PCAnywhere from home, but with it’s limitations. As well, timely updates of clients are at the mercy of the administrative staff, updated only as often as the data is made available to them by other staff. If your caregiver or care manager fails to call or submit the respective forms in a timely manner, those updates don’t get made promptly.

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