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Is a Home Care Business Start Up Class Right For You?

Home Care Business Classes

Are you asking if a Home Care Business Start Up Class is right for you? For some, using the Home Care How To Guide to get started on their own isn’t enough. The added assurance, guidance and personal instruction from an experienced home care business coach helps you know you’re on the right track and can make the difference between your success or failure.

Our Home Care Business Start-Up Class provides the assurance and guidance you need to help get your your specific business running properly. Imagine for a moment being taught the step-by-steps by an experienced business development coach.  We’ll walk you through each phase covered in the Home Care How To Guide, tackling obstacles you may encounter and answering questions to help guide you through the uncharted waters you feel you’re swimming in.

Have you run into situations you’re not sure about? Not sure about the proper hiring steps? Maybe marketing has you hung up? Maybe you’ve read the book, downloaded the tools and still feel a bit uncertain. Having an experienced home care business coach guide you makes a world of difference!

Classes run for six (6) consecutive weeks and consist of a 90 minute classroom plus a 30 to 45 minute private coaching session held each week. Upon completion, some home care businesses have been up and running*! New classes typically begin every 45 days so you can get started promptly. Our classes provide comparable training programs presented through franchises, however with extreme savings, equaling a tremendous value for you!

    • 9+ Hours of Online Classroom Training
    • 6+ Hours of One-on-One Coaching Sessions
    • Silver Membership
    • All the Forms & Tools You Need.
    • One Bonus Manual Included for All Students
    • Access to Recordings of Each Class.
    • Access to Vendor Discounts
    • Over $2500 Value!

You’ll also benefit from additional savings from not having to travel for your training. No need to get on a plane – we work with you where ever you are using teleconferencing and the latest in web technology. Take your lessons from each week and take action to accomplish what we cover through the week, ready to learn the next step. Use the money you’ve saved and invest in marketing and growing your business.

If you’re someone who prefers some personalized guidance and instruction from experienced home care  business coaches … at significant savings, the Home Care Business Start Up Class is your answer!





* Not everyone who attends the business start up class will achieve the same results in 90 days and there is no guarantee this will happen for you. Results depend on a number of factors including how hard you work towards goal achievement in addition to variables out of your control. 


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